Order your warranty here and get an extra 6 months of coverage for getting an inspection with aa marshall home inspection services inc.

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Price Guide to Simple Warranty

Priced by total square footage including basement. Please enter your square footage below to determine your policy cost.

Square Footage
Less Than 1,500 sq ft ($395)
1,501  -  2,500 sq ft ($475)
2,501  -  3,000 sq ft ($515)
3,001  -  4,000 sq ft ($560)
4,001  -  5,000 sq ft ($755)
5,001  -  6,000 sq ft ($965)
6,001  -  9,999 sq ft (0.16 per sq ft)
More Than 10,000 sq ft (0.19 per sq ft)

Additional Coverages:

Pool & Spa Coverage - ($175.00)

$75 Deductible Buydown - ($75.00) Reduces your deductible from $150 to $75 for every claim by adding this option.

Condo Discount - (-$20.00) Receive a $20 discount on your policy if your property is a Condo.


Policy Cost: N/A

Yes! I want myself and the policy holder to receive all correspondence and policy documents electronically via email!

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